Kethcum, Idaho 2013 pepe snow


Hi my name is Anahit Lewis and I’m here to sink my teeth into the ass of life. This site highlights my whereabouts, whatabouts, and thinkabouts. Pepe is my copilot, a 15 year old wandercat.

I wander lots. My current project is visiting all 50 states. I am working on a Hearts across America photo book too.

Shamrock, Texas, 2012 heart
Shamrock, Texas, 2012

Texarkana, Arkansas, 2012, hearts
Texarkana, Arkansas, 2012

Lawton, Oklahoma 2012, heart
Lawton, Oklahoma, 2012

North Carolina Hatteras Heart, 2012
Hatteras, North Carolina, 2012

Indiana heart, 2012
Indiana, 2012

nnahnnah was my old photography name.

I hold a Masters of Business Administration from Newcastle University in England. My business is content management system websites configuration and customization; online marketing and social media consultancy. Did you fall asleep during all that?

I’m sure your response was “NO! of course not, I could listen to you, Anahit, for hours wax rhapsodic over technical nerd junk.. it turns me on in fact”.

I would say: “Pervert! Well since you want it, I’m not gonna give it to you!”

So instead I will tell you a bit about my non-technical self.

My hometown is Los Angeles, California.

I have lived in several countries including Iceland, Germany, Ireland, England, and all over the USA. I recently toured 27 USA states in 3 months. I travel often and with my wandercat, Pepe.

I’m a photography, espresso, and endorphine fiend. I am very experienced and skilled at arguing, especially Persian-style. You can hire me for parties.

I love Zombie films and things with engines.

Love n’ Space Rockets,


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