Not running anymore

August 3, 2013

To: You

You that sleazes in the shadows preying on that which you desire but do not deserve.

I’m not giving in this time. No more compromises. I can’t carry this burden any longer.

There’s only room for one on this road. Your journey ends here. I don’t want you anymore. I don’t ever remember wanting you.

But you’ve always been there- over the years, the decades, the millennia. You’ve taken on many shapes and associations – many faces. But your words and actions distinguish you. My soul knows right away. It panics, it screams, it wants to thrash you.

My soul wants to be released. It wants to get at you. To destroy you, to stab you, to tear at your flesh, to take a bat to your head. It no longer wants me to endure this pain.

It’s sole purpose is to protect and heal me.

This alliance. This alliance should never have happened.

You were never worthy. You were never equipped for this battle. You were… are, not a worthy adversary. Your sword doesn’t measure up.

I am a force of nature, something your feeble soul never comprehended. You never should have graced me with your presence. I never gave you permission to take my sun and stars.

Your parasitic ways: your insecurities, your arrogance, your manipulations, your weaknesses.. all have crippled me.

I let you in. I’ve made this mistake before. I have paid for it a thousand times over, over time and space, before the dawn of human awakening. Perhaps you stood before my grandmother, my ancestors, and even when Gods existed, the Gods that I am named after.

I have paid for it with my laughter, my glow, my innocence, the bounce in my step, my curiosity, my faith in myself, my heart and my soul. The anger and self-hate has grown over time in their place all but snuffing out the tiniest of smiles I once loved feeling on my face.

My soul is old, she is screaming, yelling, roaring to go to battle with you. She has unfinished business. She wants a day of reckoning. She believes this is the only way to get true release.

I will not run anymore. It’s time. It’s time to stand my ground.

It is your vulnerability, rather the the act of vulnerability, also known as BULLSHIT, that has always been my achilles heel.

I want to release her. I don’t care to hold her at bay anymore. You don’t care the destruction you cause in your wake? You have created a monster that now no longer cares neither, but one way or another, I will have my due.

I wish to unleash her on you. My soul. ME. I wish to battle you. Let’s choose a time and place, just you and me..

.. till death do us part, lickspittle.

I unleash on you, Անահիտ, the Goddess of War.


warrior suck it easy

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  1. sergio flores says:

    Shazam! I can’t think over the sound of how Awesome this is!!!

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