USA state signs West (Mountain)

July 8, 2013

As I stated in last week’s post about organizing the USA border signs, I’ll round them up according to the Census Bureau’s categorization.

It goes as follows:

Region 4 (West)
Division 8 (Mountain) Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

I’m such a nerd. Anyhow, I’m thrilled I actually have photos for every state in this category!

That won’t be the case with the next couple of posts on this topic. Eventually the plan is that all states within the regions will be visited and consequently those posts updated. ETD = working on it.


Many of the photos were captured in a car or camper whizzing by on the highway or freeway, either in the driver or passenger seat. Some photos I was driving and snapping away. For the love of sanity and your life, don’t do this. I obviously have a death wish. I will say this, I made sure I was not close to other cars nor were vehicles on either side of me, or oncoming cars approaching. If I missed the opportunity because I considered it too much of a risk to other drivers, I would just exit the next available opportunity and come back around and try again. It’s one thing to risk my life, it’s another to risk someone else’s.

In some cases I was able to stop on the side of the road where I wasn’t in danger of killing myself. But then there were moments with that as well, what I thought was safe… and then a big rig came out of nowhere and was this –><-- close to my nose. And I don't have a big nose. My heart came outta my mouth. My deep urges to get the perfect shot sometimes outweighs any sense I have. But I digress. [caption id="attachment_3489" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Idaho border sign Welcome to Idaho – Continental Divide EL 7072[/caption]


Idaho border sign, 2013

Welcome to Idaho


Montana border, 2013

Welcome to Montana – DUI You Can’t Afford it!


Wyoming border sign, 2013

Welcome to Wyoming – Forever West


Nevada border, 2012

Welcome to Nevada – 125 Years of Vision


Nevada sign, 2013

Welcome to Nevada


Neveda border 3 2012

Welcome to Nevada – The Silver State – Pacific Time Zone


Utah border sign, 2013

Welcome to Utah – Life Elevated


Utah sign 2013

Welcome to Utah


Utah border 2012

Welcome to Utah – Life Elevated


Colorado border signs, 2012

Welcome to Colorful Colorado


Colorado border signs, 2012-2

Welcome to Colorful Colorado


Arizona border 3 2012

Arizona – The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You


Arizona border 2012

Arizona – The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You


Arizona border 2012 2

Arizona – The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You


New mexico border sign 2012

Welcome to New Mexico – Land of Enchantment


New Mexico border sign 2012_-2

Welcome to New Mexico – Land of Enchantment


Most photos were captured by me, some by Peter Thain.
Editing and Processing of photos were performed by me.

Have you seen these state signs before?
If not, is this what you were expecting?
Do you like/dislike any of them (ie. design, slogan, or maybe the background landscape)?


  1. sergio flores says:

    The signs look very inviting and some of the most beautifully made signs are, Montana and Utah. The Navada sign looked obscure because of the business, but otherwise not bad. If I was travelling on the road, I would like more info and what to look out for, such as the Icey spot in Montana.

    • Anahit says:

      Hey Sergio! I agree. I like the backdrops of the Montana and Utah signs. I also like that the Utah signs have more artistic qualities to them. ps- the originals are much better quality by the way, the processing by wordpress sucks sometimes. I’ll be placing them on a site that caters to photographers soon. Thanks for commenting.

  2. sergio glores says:

    Awsome, can’t wait!

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