USA state sign collection South (South Atlantic)

July 11, 2013

In my first post on the USA state sign collection I covered the West (Mountain) region. There are eight USA Regions in total. (the underlines are links by the way)

As you may have noticed from the West (Mountain) collection there may be several photos on one state. Funnily enough none are in this collection.. doh! That may change however in future travels.

There are a couple of reasons for multiple photos on one state:

1) There are multiple entrances to any one state and I drove through them. ehm Anahit that goes without saying. Listen hear sarcastic voice in my head! I wanted to say it butt out! Pay no attention to these two instead read number 2.
2) Sometimes the signs are artistically different
3) A difference in perspective can be wonderful
4) A close-up shot may be needed as well as a landscape shot
5) Or because I felt like showing you more sign porn. You’re welcome. (wink)

Region 3 (South)
Division 5 (South Atlantic) Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

District of Columbia – aka Washington D.C. is a federal district, not a city or state. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the district. Now you know this for when Jeapardy comes on the TV.

I am missing the Maryland and District of Columbia signs. I checked and D.C. does have a sign too.


Delaware border sign 2012

Welcome to Delaware – Small Wonder – First State – Home of Tax-Free Shopping- Governor Jack Markell


West Virginia border sign, 2012

Welcome to West Virginia – Wild and Wonderful – Earl Ray Tomblin Governor


Virginia border sign 2012

Virginia Welcomes You


Norh Carolina border sign 2012

Welcome to North Carolina – Nation’s Most Military Friendly State


South Carolina border sign

Welcome to South Carolina – Smiling Faces Beautiful Places


Georgia border sign 2012

Welcome – We’re Glad Georgia’s on your Mind – Georgie – Site of the 1996 Olympics Games – Governor Nathan Deal


Florida border sign 2012

Welcome to Florida – The Sunshine State – Governor Rick Scott



Besides driving in a car and taking quick snap shots, wordpress compresses the photos when they are uploaded. Please forgive the quality and instead enjoy a free ice cold beverage, that is, beer porn on me.


ice cold beer!


  1. sergio glores says:

    Nice! And I love the beer porn.

  2. sergio glores says:

    Learned somthing new, States donating land for the nations capital, was yhst befor or after the Civil War?

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