The exclusive on Pepelito, you won’t believe what he did with his tail

June 13, 2013


Just like most males, Pepe thinks he can drive better.


Pepe car 1


I was just thinking Pepe is 14.5 years old. Many of the animal sites I read say cats live on average 11-13 years. They say the more he’s sheltered and indoor the longer he’ll live, less chance of fighting, catching a disease, getting run over. Wellllll… he’s definitely not sheltered.

He’s been to Europe and back. He’s been to 30 U.S. states. He got into two mega fights with some devil cats where he had to have his ass shaven due to a puss filled lump because they bit him. He’s also had his right arm shaven and bandaged cause this one time he got mauled by another bastard cat. (<—- okay I just said that in Billy Bob Thorton’s accent, no idea why.)  Anyways, he got into a fight with a raccoon. That was crazy and even crazier I got in the middle.

I got him when he was six months old. Actually it was an ex-boyfriend who fell in love with Pepe at the shelter while I was searching for a female cat for my male cat, Hercules. Pepe was a determined thing and kept jumping out of the cage into my ex-boyfriend’s arms. I exclaimed “please put him back he’s male.” My ex tried repeatedly to put him back but Pepe was quick. Pepe had chosen his parents and he was going to make damn sure we knew it.

At one point my ex stopped struggling and just held and petted Pepe to calm him. It was when their eyes met I thought “shit I’m screwed.” I looked at the Shelter Keeper and said “we’re taking him.”

Pepe, I hope you get bitten by a vampire and last forever. Mama loves you boy, thank you for putting up with my funky ass all these years… not that I smell or anything.. but you do sometimes.


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it made him a fearless adventurer.


Pepe car 2


If there’s even the slightest patch of sun… he’s on it.


Pepe sun


Pepe’s first poop in the jungle. Brings tears to my eyes, a proud mama I am.


(blog) El Morro, New Mexico 2012 pepe pooping


(In Billy Bob’s voice) This tree will do just fine for my climbin’ and filin’ my claws.  mmm hmm


(blog) El Morro, New Mexico, 2012 pepe tree


It’s THE eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…


(blog) El Morro, New Mexico, Pepe in the jungle


Pepe is a ham for the camera..


(blog) Ketchum, Idaho 2013 ladder pepe


Well why don’t you just take my paycheck, my car, and whatever else you want. You know I’m a sucker for a pretty face.


(blog) key West, FL 2012, Pepe


Vivaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!  Pepe’s checking out his reflection… wonder what he’s thinking?  Probably that he shouldn’t have had that extra slice of pizza… or maybe that’s just me projecting.


(blog) Las Vegas, Nevada 2012, Pepe_


Speaks for itself…


(blog) pepe star 1


Oh and about his tail.. he grooms it by licking it occasionally.  When he gets excited he may chase it and bite it, but then he cries and licks it in comfort.   I mean he’s a cat, what were you expecting him to do with his tail?

Note:  nnah nnah was my previous photography.  All photographs are captured by myself.


  1. Monica says:

    OMG! I love all these shots!!!! The one by the wooden ladder seems to say, “Pepe Luis here….model par excellence….modeling the latest in kitty wear….me!” Lol! Too cute!!!!!!

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