Pepe and I atop a glacier

May 16, 2013

pepe, snow

Imagine Pepe and I sitting at a table on top of a glacier. My dream was in Icelandic last night, first time this has ever happened.

Our conversation:

Hæ, ég heiti Anahit. Hvað heitir þu?
Goðan daginn Anahit, ég heiti Pepe mínn.
Þetta er hjól mitt.
Þetta er æla mitt.
Viltu annar sætabrauð?
Já, takk.


Hi, my name is Anahit. What is your name?
Good day Anahit, my name is my Pepe.
This is my bike.
This is my vomit.
Would you like another danish?
Yes, thank you.


  1. Monica says:

    I’ll have another one too please! After I clean my blood from the paper cut…

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