Pepe the Bohemian

February 3, 2013

Eagle Rock palm trees _

Yesterday Pepe and I became official hippies.. errr technically Bohemians on account of we bathe ourselves daily. Our address will read Venice Beach, California for the time being.

As for my first night here?

No sleep on an air mattress where Pepe wants to explore his new surroundings, especially what’s happening outside the window. Every jump up, every jump down, to and fro the window sill I was sky rocketed into the air, jolted outta my sleep.

Then there was the cat called Othello, guess what colour he is, who was scratching at the door to get in to see who’s the new dude in town, and to shift his weight and say “I’m alpha round these here parts, whippersnapper”. Which Pepe of course don’t play that as he says “who’s he calling whippersnapper? he bettah aks somebody cause it’s about to get real up in he’a. hold my harness collar and chains, I’m about to show this kitty what’s up.”

Anyhow, zero sleep for me. Tomorrow night before I go to sleep I’m putting on my boxing gloves and knocking both cats out. Alpha my ass.

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