My Response to the CEO of JUCY Camper Rental

January 10, 2013

Pasadena, CA 2012 JUCY camper accident

If you haven’t read the response to my original letter from the CEO of JUCY Campers, click this link.

Dear Mr. T,

It seems much was a copy and paste of Ms. M’s email to which my letter addressed.

I’m going to pay $30 to take this company to Small Claims Court. The oral agreement will be decided by a judge based on a “I said, Ms. M said”.

In Ms. M’s email: “Unfortunately negotiations on the mileage charge are out of my hands now. Charges above are as per signed agreement and instructions from my superiors.” — This is in reference to the phone call I made to her when I was in Amarillo, Texas. That call was about the excess mileage, to which Ms. M stated she had provided $0.20 cents to previous campers and she could do the same for me, but she couldn’t give it to me for free. I told her that was fine. That seems like an oral agreement to me.

Question: Why wouldn’t Ms. M’s superiors give me the reduced mileage if they had given it to other campers? The mere fact that negotiation is possible but they refuse to do so in this case?

I keep hearing the incident couldn’t have been resolved any quicker. That’s absolutely not true.

A tow came for the car that hit the camper within 30 minutes of the call. They used Triple A, a very well known North American Tow service.

Besides the inefficient handling of phone calls to the Tow company, there was the Tow driver. There are only three Ralphs supermarkets in Pasadena, none of them are on Colorado Blvd with cross street Terrace Dr. (which I gave to Mr. A). None of them are near all three freeways 134/Del Mar 110/210 in Pasadena. The tow driver called four times. On the FIRST call, I asked him to hold, I spoke to a Ralphs’ employee and gave the tow driver the exact address plus cross street AND stated that it’s right next to the 134/110/210 Freeways in Pasadena.

When he called the second time, I asked ‘don’t you have a navigation system?’ He said yes. I said put in Ralphs in Pasadena and you’ll see the freeways. He said okay, only to call back two more times.

Those two times my friend Sergio answered and dealt with him because I was busy helping my husband unload the camper. On the fourth call I walked over to Sergio who had walked over to Colorado/Terrace intersection and was literally “street” supporting the tow driver through all the streets (no exaggeration) of Old Town Pasadena.

As for the cat, there is no transparent pet policy online. Two major RV companies out of the US have online transparent guidelines on pets. Consequently they accept them. Your site doesn’t say anything. I saved the FAQs pages. It only states No smoking. In Ms. M’s email: “Our agent in the office could not have realized you are taking a pet as the cat was not present at time of pick-up.” I addressed this as arbitrary and capricious.

As for cat hair and cleaning, I was careful to clean the van on a daily basis, I didn’t leave it a mess, even on the day of the accident.

Again, in my discussion with my lawyer, “that since there was no precondition regarding pets in the contract or any revision during the execution of the contract, your cleaning cost can not be enforced”. “Moreover, the vehicle was obviously compromised and not serviceable following the accident on November 30, 2012. Any concern over cat hair in such a circumstance is ludicrous”.

This is how you treat your customers who’ve been in an accident? Seriously?

What I don’t understand is why not disclose pets too on your FAQs page like your competitors? People love their pets, not just Americans, many choose to use campers to travel in the USA in order to include them. I’m assuming this is a huge demographic. When Peter and I were traveling, I’d say the majority of the people we met who had campers had their pets with them. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new. Therefore, why is it not transparent under your FAQs if you don’t accept them? It can be misconstrued that you are deceiving your customers out of their deposits.

Its never attractive when I see companies make excuses for their poor service instead of taking accountability. Worse is blaming the customer, knowing the company could have done a better job all along. Customers are not stupid. While we understand mistakes happen, we don’t like being taken for a ride and being discarded. It’s easy to do the right thing and make up for the neglect.

Mr. T, Peter and I genuinely were looking forward to this camper. We were genuinely looking forward to this trip. If we chose not to call the LA office on everything about the camper (stuff Ms. M indicated she already knew*) it wasn’t because it didn’t happen, it was because we didn’t want anything to ruin our travel and Peter’s scheduled USA Nationals’ competitions. We both needed to be in the right frame of mind, as does anyone whose a world competitor. We didn’t want to expend any more energy into something that we couldn’t fix at that moment, and definitely not over the phone, as it would require going back to California, ie. the doors that weren’t fitted properly causing us to freeze.

The way I see it is Ms. M is upset that we didn’t want the vehicle anymore and we were upfront and honest about her poor customer service. She choose to renege on the mileage she agreed upon and to search for something to get us on, ie the fact that I didn’t tell her I had a cat coming along. Since much of my life is public, I’m sure she checked out our blog and decided to hit me with a cleaning fee.

It wreaks of someone who is vindictive.

I will also file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and BBB (Better Business Bureau).


Anahit Lewis
Peter Thain

*– At our meeting, Ms. M stated she was pulling in the vans after this season because there are several problems with them. I find that very interesting that you would angle to tell me I should have said something earlier. Ms. M knew I was traveling the US, far from California. The vehicle was already shoddy aesthetically and then there was the tire. I showed the rep and stated we were traveling far from California (New Jersey is 2700 miles away) ‘will this vehicle hold up’? She made a phone call. I presume it was Ms. M she was calling.

I would think that if someone is about to take such a journey, I know that I would try to give them a camper with the least wear and tear, knowing that they weren’t going to be able to get it serviced properly without coming back to California.


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