Have you ever hitchhiked before?

January 3, 2013

Moab, Utah 2012 Moonflower Canyon
Finally completed my business cards yesterday. I also had to retake the motorcycle permit as it expired (I passed again) because I still have not received the paperwork from the motorcycle course I took to complete the license. It never came in the mail; I emailed the owner.

I wrote up a response draft to JUCY CEO – but frankly I’m so tired of dealing with this toxic company I almost want to tell them to keep the money, since they apparently need it more than I do.

I’ve been in a funk for about two weeks and can’t seem to shake it. There’s a lot going on and not going on that all I wanna do is hitchhike to Alaska or Alderaan.

I think the first set of business is to reduce the hours I’m on Facebook. It becomes too incestuous from time to time. Recently there’s some shit that’s gonna make me pop if I see it again.

Too much of one -thing, -person, -group of people, induces brain damage.

I know I’m not very perky today but that’s why I’m called human. I’m just going through some serious pain right now.

So. Have you ever hitchhiked before? Tell me.

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